About Us

The Wood Tech Group provides machinery sales and service throughout Australia, directed by an independent group of experienced partners with a vast knowledge in the machinery processing of Wood and associated products.

We provide our customers with sound professional advice and the best machinery solutions to help your business thrive. The Wood Tech Group also provides efficient and dependable after sales service.

The Wood Tech Group proudly represents quality production machinery from respected leading machine manufacturing companies throughout the world.

These brands including IMA, Schelling, Hebrock, Anderson, Heesemann, Griggio, Denver and Vector systems. A longstanding partnership with our specialised suppliers ensures a variety of brands are the tailored specific to suit our market.    


The Group was founded in Queensland in 1992 by the directors Derek Van Der Kley and John Van Gilst of D&J Woodworking Machinery.
The Wood Tech Group directors include Ron Smyth and Scott Hickey of SJR Machinery in New South Wales, Ron Smyth of RJS Machinery in Queensland, Sam and Max Shatkhin of S & L Woodwork Machinery in Victoria, Matthew Hodge of ITC SA in South Australia and Tim Matthews of RT Machinery in Western Australia.