Spindle Rebuilding Service

One of the most important items on any CNC machine is the Spindle. The Woodtech Group has invested significantly in a purpose built testing and rebuilding facility.

Our aim was to put ourselves in a position whereby we could offer the possibility to our clients and other suppliers a faster and cheaper turn around for the complete rebuild and balancing solution for any Spindle.

Whether this be a spindle with ceramic bearings or a spindle with high speed bearings, we have the facility and the expertise to now carry out this task.

Our Machine Tool Fitter has been to ANDERSON, DENVER & IMA to learn and understand the factory process for the rebuild of many different types of spindles.

This training has been ongoing for the last 12 years and during this time we have been building our knowledge and at the same time investing in the necessary high expense items to set up and guarantee the reconditioning process, for a number of different spindles.

The spindles will come with a balancing certificate and certification of repair equal to any facility in the world.