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The beam saw became redundant at the turn of the 21st Century as technology developed rapidly, things got more intricate, and competition for the machine increased. But the beam saw has seen a resurgence in popularity since Australian and New Zealand manufacturers have dusted them off, added some modifications and increased their production by as much as 80 per cent. Now that the beam saw has returned to the market for good, buyers can rest assured that they have invested wisely in this powerful, durable, hardy and reliable machine that doesn’t show the wear and tear of its newer rivals.

Beam saws have other worthwhile features such as accuracy, simplicity of use, and the ability to deal with large quantities of logs and other wood at speed. The new CNC Pressure Beam Saw has some further modifications such as a safety screen. Beam saws aren’t for fiddly, dainty or complicated woodworking tasks, but for repetitive, big timber jobs and they’re the best solution to power through the day and to always deliver perfect, fast results.

Beam saws

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Beam Saw Machine


Beam saws are useful for a variety of jobs, with their large blade that can be used to cut variously sized logs into beams and the circular blades for different styles. Beam saws are used for cutting panels with precision, and the modern software means the saw can produce maximum yields from the materials. These machines make effortless work of large volume panel sizing. It works using a moving carriage saw and a powerful pressure beam that holds the material in place. A rear fence holds and moves the material to the computer controlled position, combining both the technical and physical aspects to work together. And you don’t need to be a software geek to control a beam saw because it is user friendly and the functions are simple, easy to learn and remember, so you don’t need a specialist to operate it.


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