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At Wood Tech, we have some of the most effective and efficient nesting machines on the market including the Anderson GS Series which is the fastest nesting machine on the market. We also have for sale the IMA Performance Cut which combines the advantages of nesting with the speed of sawing for effective cutting with minimum space requirements. And we have the Anderson entry level Spec CNC Nesting machine, and the Spectra Plus, which is Anderson’s newest CNC Nesting Machine for small to medium businesses seeking automation. The Spectra Plus is capable of full loading and unloading, with the option of touch screen labelling. It now includes an eight-position, onboard rotary tool change.

CNC Nesting Machine

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We’re an independent group of experienced partners with a vast knowledge of CNC Nesting Machines and processing of wood and associated products.
The Wood Tech Group provides Nesting Machine sales and service throughout Australia.


CNC Wood Nesting


‘Nesting’ in manufacturing industries means laying out cutting patterns to lessen the wastage of raw materials such as wood, sheet metal, laminates etc. Nesting can also be used in 3D printing where material is added to form a shape or a product rather than subtracted when cutting. 3D printing minimises the movement of tools that are not producing, or maximises the number of pieces that can be fabricated in one build season. A CNC nesting machine brings a raft of benefits to the table, from productivity and speed to reduced material waste. With a high-quality wood CNC machine in your factory, you can boost your profits by producing more components of a higher average quality.


We provide sound professional advice and the best CNC nesting machine solutions to help your business thrive. The Wood Tech Group also provides efficient and dependable after-sales service.


The best way to buy a CNC nesting machine is through Wood Tech where we offer all our customers a quote on the total price. We are suppliers of many different brands of the top CNC nesting machines on the market, Anderson and IMA, so if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact one of our teams in a state near you. In NSW phone 02 9756 6636, Qld 07 3272 2444, SA 08 8297 5494, WA 0427 006 903, and Vic 03 9394 1333.