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Computer numerical control (CNC) has been amalgamated into a variety of new machinery and technology, and one of these is routing machines. The CNC router is similar to the handheld router commonly used for cutting various materials including wood. CNC routers come with the ability to route tool paths that allow the machine to function. The beauty of a CNC Router is waste reduction, increased productivity, and the variety of items that can be produced faster than using other machines.

CNC Router

At Woodtech, we offer the best CNC Routers in the business:
From IMA, and Anderson to Denver, Cosmec Technology and Fravol, we proudly represent the best

production machinery brands from across the globe.


CNC Routers For Sale


At Woodtech, we have the top brands of CNC Routers for sale in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney outlets including the following:



  • BIMA GX50/60 Machining Centre with Robot Head.
  • BIMA CX40’s new ergonomic CNC-processing centre.


  • FAST F600-23. 


  • UNICA 5 HT 5 Axis CNC machine.
  • Quota Stone 4200 multifunctional CNC working centre.
  • KREA. Compact multifunctional CNC working centre with 3 digital interpolated axes.
  • Conquest 255 CNC machine closed bridge fixed table.


Cosmec Technology:


  • Smart 30 CNC machine open bridge fixed table.
  • Genesis Evo High Spec Machine for High Production.


CNC Routers


The CNC Routers we provide at Wood Tech are very efficient and effective when used for precision crafting of wood. Prototypes can be created with a CNC Router in hobby woodworking, producing artistic pieces, and certain forms of production work. The older models of industrial CNC Routers are large machines and not recommended for hobbyists, but the newer desktop models are smaller and can sit on a large workbench or table. With all the varieties, users can use computer software to program their CNC Router to perform specific functions.


We’re not just sales people – we’re your experts in wood.
The Wood Tech Group provides CNC Router sales and service throughout Australia.
We provide sound professional advice and the best machinery solutions to help your business thrive.

We also provide efficient and dependable after-sales service in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth outlets.


CNC Machining Centre

CNC Machining Centres make for a more efficient and productive solution to your production needs, since it is built for automation and optimised for the best production levels. With CNC Machining Centres, tools can be changed automatically, ridding the need of doing it manually which may often be inconvenient and take longer.

CNC Working Centre

Whether it’s drilling, cutting, onloading, offloading, and other general machining needs, there are a range of CNC working centres available at Wood Tech. Ideal for working with large workpieces from wood, CNC working centres can automatically position workpieces using a clamp system to ensure fast workflows in assembly and production.

CNC Processing Center

CNC processing centers can provide efficient ways for the construction and assembly of products such as windows, doors, and even furniture – as well as many more in the industry. By using CNC processing centers in conjunction with other software systems, tools and machines, many individual types of construction and assembly work can be achieved according to your needs.

5 Axis CNC Machines

The term ‘5-axis’ refers to how many directions the cutting tool on your CNC machine can achieve simultaneously, offering virtually infinite possibilities with regard to the part sizes and shapes that can be processed effectively. On a 5-axis machining center, the cutting tool rotates on the A and B axes to work on the part from any direction, and also moves across the X, Y and Z linear. This means that in a single setup you can process five sides of a part at the same time, which means you save time setting up and increase productivity. So, the benefits are:

  • Complex shapes machined in single setup
  • Shorter machinist setup time
  • Increased production
  • Fewer errors
  • Improved feature-to-feature accuracy
  • Allows for the use of shorter and more rigid tools
  • Higher spindle/cutting tool speeds
  • Reduced load on the cutting tool


CNC Router Servicing

At Wood Tech, we service all the CNC routing machines we sell. There are optional extras and service to all CNC Routers and other woodworking machines we sell, including the following. You can get in touch for further enquiries about any CNC Router servicing you may need.