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Panel Saw Machine




At Wood Tech we supply panel saws manufactured by the world’s top companies IMA, which offers the Bima Cut, a combination of machining centre and panel saw, and the Griggio range which includes the safest panel saw in the world, the Unica Safe. The following are the panel saws we supply at Wood Tech:


IMA: Bima Cut Panel Saw


The Bima Cut panel saw system is used to produce case single parts, but also the whole cut including necessary drilling and milling operation in one machine. These panel saws are ideal for shop-fitting and interior fitting or craft, and industrial production for custom sized cupboards, curved, bevelled or oriel furniture. Also, filling parts and decorative panels, etc. can be added.


Griggio: Unica Safe Panel Saw


This panel saw is unique, with an innovative safety device that prevents the worker from any saw blade injuries because this is how it functions:

  • Since the human body is conductive – and low electrical voltage loads the blade – if a worker touches it, the electric signal of the blade changes, immediately activates and the blade disappears due to the electronic security system.


Griggio: Quadra 400 Digit Panel Saw


This is Griggio’s top of the range panel saw with PLC SIEMENS for movement of the rip fence and lifting and tilting of the blade, which:

  • Programs the blade height and tilt with an automatic correction of the height relative to the tilting movement.
  • Programs the rip fence position and automatically compensates for the height with tilted blade.
  • Hides the rip fence unit completely under the working table.
  • Recirculates the ball screw and precision linear guide driving the rip fence.
  • Translates speed to max. 15 m/1 ̊
  • Automatically calculates the upper and lower height of the panel to cut.
  • Makes it possible to memorise up to 100 working values.


Griggio: Quadra 400 Panel Saw


This machine is Griggio’s premium, fully customisable panel saw which is equipped with:

  • A 2-axis scoring unit with manual adjustment.
  • Aluminium carriage sliding on high precision round steel bars.
  • Anodised carriage and profiles.
  • A rip fence with micrometric adjustment and eccentric locking.
  • A motorised lifting of the blade unit through a linear actuator.
  • A manual tilting of the blade unit through hand wheel.


Griggio: C 30 Panel Saw


This is Griggio’s entry-level panel saw which is equipped with:

  • Direct start with pushbuttons.
  • A scoring unit operated by a separate motor.
  • Aluminium carriage sliding on steel rails with high precision bars.
  • A rip fence with eccentric stop and micrometric adjustment.
  • An outfeed table.
  • An eccentric wood-presser.
  • A safety guard.
  • Optional tilting fence + 30 ̊-45 ̊.

The best way to buy a panel saw is through Wood Tech where we offer all our customers a quote on the total price. We are suppliers of IMA and Griggio panel saws which are the best on the market. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact one of our teams in a state near you. In NSW phone 02 9756 6636, Qld 07 3272 2444, SA 08 8297 5494, WA 0427 006 903, and Vic 03 9394 1333.