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Opting for the right Computer Numerical Control or CNC machine for woodworking to set up in your shop can be a challenge, with so many details to be considered and choices are increasing all the time. Things to keep in mind include the fact that CNC machines for professional-level woodworking are large and comfortably accommodate big jobs. They have sophisticated software, enhanced controls, increased power and capacity and an external router, which is sold separately, can be mounted in the machine to turn the cutter. You can also purchase specialised CNC routing bits. 

On the other hand, the hobbyist CNC woodworking machines are all-inclusive carving units that don’t use up a large amount of space. These machines for wood offer plug-and-play convenience and feature a built-in motor/spindle where the cutting bits are mounted. All you do is load into your computer the software that’s included, connect the CNC machine via the USB cable, follow all the instructions and begin your wood carving project. These are good for working on small-scale woodworking projects. 

Wood Working Machine

At The Wood Tech Group, we’re not just sales people, we’re your experts in woodworking – 

We’re an independent group of experienced partners with vast knowledge of the CNC machinery processing of wood and associated products.


Woodworking CNC Machine For Sale

At Wood Tech, we sell CNC machines for woodworking by manufacturers ranging from such luminaries as IMA, Hebrock, Schelling, Anderson to Griggio, Denver, Vector and more. We proudly represent the best production CNC machinery brands from right across the globe. We provide machinery sales and service throughout Australia, and we offer sound, professional advice as well as the best woodworking machinery solutions to help your business thrive. The Wood Tech Group also provides efficient and dependable after-sales service. 


The Wood Tech Group provides machinery sales and service throughout Australia.

We’re an independent group of experienced partners with a vast knowledge in the CNC machinery processing of wood and associated products.


CNC Woodworking Machine Price

The more challenging or complex the part produced by a lathe, the higher the price. CNC machines are not cheap, but prices can differ from place to place, depending on where you buy your woodworking machine and the type you need.

In addition, you will have to pay extra for the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software package. Training in operating a CNC Woodworking Machine can cost around $500 to $1,000 a day.

The best way to buy a CNC Machine for working with wood is through Wood Tech where we can give you a quote on the total price. If you want to know about any of our machines, don’t hesitate to contact one of our teams in a state nearest to you. In NSW phone 02 9756 6636, Qld 07 3272 2444, SA 08 8297 5494, WA 0427 006 903, and Vic 03 9394 1333.