Introducing an exclusive collection of panel processing machines, specifically engineered for Australian conditions. Meet the Wood Tech Australia range.

Using only the highest quality components, Wood Tech have manufactured a series of entry level flatbed CNC routers, panel saws and edgebanding machinery including 45° edgebanders.

After decades of experience on-site at kitchen, cabinet and joinery manufacturers, our business development team have understood the evolving needs of the industry and market, including changing customer preferences and trends.

On-the-ground our national team of technicians have identified every bolt and nut in machines across the country, which has led to constant feedback and improvements for our machine manufacturers.

This feedback and expertise has helped shape the developur own ment of oexclusive range of high quality machines, engineered perfectly for the everyday Australian operation.

Introducing NB5X


Bevel, edge and trim in one pass with the new Wood Tech NB5X Bevel Edgebander. Create angled or inclined edging with twin diamond cutters and twin glue station.

Introducing new product lines or automating your profile edge finishes is easy with the Wood Tech NB5X.

Introducing NB7X

For an everyday edgebander with the ability to create both 45⁰ bevels and straight edges, the NB7X Combination Edgebander makes this possible.

A switch of a button can alternate between bevel and straight edges, with no additional setup time or disruption to your operation. Featuring twin diamond cutters, twin glue station, plus a twin tape coil magazine, the NB7X is brimming with features.

Edgebanding everyday plus creating new product lines, the Wood Tech NB7X steps up.

Introducing NB7CJ

The Wood Tech NB7CJ Single Sided Edgebander combines multiple functions into one machine, including pre-milling, pre-heating, glue pot, end trimming, rough trimming, fine trimming, corner trimming, profile and glue scraping and buffing and edgebanding work can be done in one process.

Introducing NCG2812 & NCG3718

Advanced, versatile CNC machining is easy with the NCG2812. Top side boring and grooving, plus panel cutting and shaping, with the flexibility to add auto load/unload and labelling lines, the NCG2812 is a great upgrade or addition to any operation.

Looking to machine larger panels? The Wood Tech CNC range is also available with a longer 3700mm table. Ask us about the NCG3718 range.


Optional Extras


Unloading table

Loading table and automatic label line



Introducing MJ1132F

An essential, great value panel saw, the Wood Tech MJ1132F is a flexible machine with a powerful saw motor. This panel saw features an easy running table, precise guiding board and tilting adjustment for effective board cutting operations.



Introducing MJK1138F1

Step up your panel saw game with touch screen operated sliding table, electric tilting and auto blade adjustment. The MJK1132F1 is the panel saw for medium sized operations.


Keen for that new machine? Trade-in your old machine with us and get credit towards a brand new Wood Tech Australia machine. Ask us our team how easy it is.

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