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Take full advantage of CNC flatbed technology. The Anderson CoJet Large Format printer takes full advantage of CNC flatbed technology and UV-curable inks to print large format graphics on coated or uncoated rigid materials. The Anderson CoJet is capable of printing high resolution graphics (up to 1440dpi) in colour, white and translucent patterns. Vivid photographic images are easily printed on MDF, Wood, Plastic, Composites and Tile materials. Final clear coat can also be applied to achieve flat or high gloss protective coating. On-board RIP software supports all major graphic formats.



SPECS: Cojet

CoJet / CoJet Plus
Print Heads
512 nozzles / 1024 nozzles
Print Colour
C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White
(top coat ink op)
C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White
Print Resolution
720x720, 1440x720, 6/7 colours / 720x720, 1440x720, 7/8 colours
Print Area
2350x1250mm / 2350x1250mm
Max Thickness
100mm / 100mm
4600x3750x2000mm / 4600x3750x2000mm
2500kg / 2500kg

For over 40 years, Anderson has taken pride in its speed, service and the outstanding quality of its products. The company offers experience and expertise in the manufacturing of CNC machinery that few other companies can match.

Anderson’s manufacturing facilities, exceeding 350,000 square feet, are also world class research and development, engineering and manufacturing operations, unparalleled in today’s machine tool industry. Anderson’s in-house R&D and engineering facilities, employing over 70 engineering personnel, give Anderson the ability to continually improve its standard lines as well as provide customized solutions to clients needing products to serve unique applications.