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fh4 & fh5

The fh4/5 is the cut-to-size saw for demanding craftsmanship and the industrial production company. It combines the complete know-how and typical quality features of Schelling. Precision and perfect cutting are combined with automation and optimised processes and, thus, with a high degree of productivity. With a power of 18 kW for the fh4 and 21kw for fh5, all types of wooden boards – even unusual types – can be processed with ease.

FEATURES: fh4 & fh5


SPECS: fh4 & fh5

fh4 / fh5
Blade Diameter
350mm / 350mm
Blade Projection
105mm / 105mm
Carriage Speed
1-150m/min / 1-150m/min
Pusher Speed
1-80m/min / 1-80m/min
Saw Motor
18kw / 21kw

A hundred years of innovation

What does it take to be one of the leading companies in a major technical sector? It takes a lot: Ambition, the best people, highest demands on product quality, as well as – experience, experience and experience. Schelling possesses all of these. After virtually a century of know-how, they are the most experienced team in this industry worldwide.

With 500 employees, more than a quarter of whom are engineers, they are a healthy size with ample reserves while at the same time remaining extremely flexible.