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Horizontal Storage Systems

Barbaric horizontal storage systems are very fast compact systems in attractive design. A connection to machines of many manufacturers is possible.

FEATURES: Horizontal Storage Systems

SPECIFICATIONS: Horizontal Storage Systems

SPECS: Horizontal Storage Systems

cSF / cSFs
Max Length
50m / 70m
Max Crane Width
13m / 25m
Speed X/Y/Z
130/110/40m/min / 150/150/60m/min
Max Panel Length
4200mm / 5600mm
Panel Width
600-2100mm / 600-2100mm
Max Panel Weight
200kgs / 200kgs
Max Stack Height
2500mm / 2500mm

Barbaric is an Austrian corporation that is known world-wide for its sophisticated handling systems specifically designed for wood, glass and other materials. Through continuous innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology, Barbaric has established a leading position in the industry with a wide variety of products from manual lifting devices to large-scale automatic handling systems.