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HSM .2/.3

Heesemann HSM is the accurately fitting surface sanding machine for the needs of small and medium-sized craftsmen and industrial companies. The Heesemann HSM is available in predefined standard configurations, equipped with two or three sanding units and can be equipped with a cross sanding to utilize the cross sanding method. Thanks to its standardized set-up, the HSM offers proven Heesemann sanding technology like the integrated CSD® magnetic pressure beam with an outstanding price-performance ratio.



SPECS: HSM .2/.3

2 units / 3 units
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1960 x 2260 x 2250mm / 2.510 x 2.260 x 2.250mm
4000kg / 5500kg
Feed Speed
3-15m/min / 3-15m/min
Suction Volume
11m3/min / 11m3/min

High quality sanding solutions steeped in 80 years of heritage and innovation.

Heesemann sanding machines are well-known worldwide for their excellent sanding results, reliable mechanical engineering, economic mode of operation and efficient service. The machines are assembled individually for the fields of application for solid wood, veneer and lacquer using well adapted machine solutions out of a flexible modular system. In addition to wood composites they also provide solutions for processing metal and synthetic material.