Wood Tech machines quadruple output with reliability and faster outputs

 Vision Kitchens & Joinery provide custom made furniture for a range of environments which include residential and commercial. These bespoke specifications required by homeowners, architects, interior designers, contractors and builders can be requested for projects of various sizes.

 The types of end product include Kitchens, Home offices, Outdoor BBQ Kitchens, Entertainment units, Built-in wardrobes for residential purposes and Workstations, Reception areas, lockers and toilet partitions for commercial areas.

 The company is located in Ingleburn, New South Wales and prides itself on using state of the art equipment. Each order is treated like a Project, meeting each client’s specific requirements by providing quality and meeting deadlines all within budget.

 The main challenge encountered by Vision Kitchens & Joinery was the increase in demand for services and due to a shortfall in staff they were only using one small nesting machine. The business began noticing a trend in people turning away due to the timelines they were given and decided to make some business changes imminently to stop the loss in customers and reputation.

 After considering a few options Vision Kitchens & Joinery came to us as a viable option due to us both conducting business before. In this instance a lot more equipment was required so we started discussions on the specific needs of the business.

 Vision Kitchens & Joinery opted for us because they wanted to continue our long term relationship. They commended our all-round start to finish service and highlighted the following 3 elements as deciding factors:

  • Our assembly commissioned training that provided delivery, installation and training of use and maintenance
  • Regular maintenance inspection of all machines by qualified technicians as well as our “no hassle” phone support from machine operator to technical service teams
  • On demand availability of spare parts and consumables stock for all equipment including repair service

 Our machines and their longevity were described as “gamechangers” due to reliability. They were keen on pursuing discussions as quick as possible. Vision Kitchens & Joinery said our machines were right for helping them meet demand whilst maintaining quality.
After lengthy discussions regarding future production goals we agreed on the purchase of the following machines:

  • Anderson Model Genesis EVO 612 automatic labelling line
  • Anderson Model Spectra Plus 49 Automatic Labelling Line
  • Hebrock Model 3005F Edgebander
  • Woodtech Model NBE676 Bevel Edgebander
  • Woodtech Model NB5XE Bevel Edgebander
  • Woodtech Model MJK1138 3.8m electronic panel saw
  • Fimal Model P350 AX 3.8m electronic panel saw

     Vision Kitchens & Joinery opted for a range of machinery due to how easy the learning curve was for each machine. This allowed the machine operators to begin using the machines at full speed within days of installation.

     The biggest take away from the use of these machines was the time saved through the faster rates of production. This allowed them to take on more projects and on average complete between 16-20 full kitchen units a week.

     With our help Vision Kitchens & Joinery are running a smooth production facility. Wood Tech is now the sole supplier of all machines and our solutions have provided all the right answers to the production problems they faced.

     This has given Vision Kitchens & Joinery the confidence to take on projects in a range of sizes for Private and Business.

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