Wood Tech

NB7CJ Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding

The Wood Tech NB7CJ Edgebander is a multifunctional unit, streamlining processes like Pre-milling, Corner Rounding, Pre-heating, Trimming, Scraping and buffing. Designed for energy efficiency, it features an automatic standby and quick wake-up function.

The NB7CJ features a Pre-Milling stage with Ø 125 Ø30 Z3+3 diamond cutters, controlled by two pneumatic motors, to precisely prepare the workpiece edge before gluing. For enhanced glue adhesion, the machine includes a Panel Pre-Heating function that rapidly heats the panel edge, adapting to various temperature and humidity conditions. The Corner Rounding mechanism, powered by two 0.3kW motors, efficiently trims sharp corners to a smooth R circular arc radius, with an electric sensor for automatic angle adjustments. Additionally, its robust Top Pressure Beam automatically adjusts its height to the workpiece thickness, managed through a touchscreen for precise and consistent operation.


Pre-milling with diamond cutters Ø 125 Ø30 Z3+3 simply handles the work piece edge before gluing and offers optimum basis of binding effect. tHE two motors are controlled pneumatically. 


Allows rapid heating of the panel edge to be edgebanded, improving gluing resistance even in unfavourable room temperature and humidity conditions.


Designed to trim sharp corners off on the front, back and two straight edges to achieve R circular arc radius. Driven by 2 x motors (power: 0.3kW; frequency: 200hz, rotating speed: 12000 RPM) and the rotating angle is adjusted automatically with an electric sensor. 


The pressure beam provides excellent stiffness and long service life. The height of the presser beam is driven via a motor and adjusts automatically based on the thickness of the workpiece, simplyt by inputting the work piece information on the touch screen.  

Panel Length - min120 mm (200 mm for corner rounding)
Panel Width - min80 mm
Panel Size - min120 x 80 mm
Panel Thickness10 - 60 mm
Edge Tape Thickness - all inclined0.4 - 3 mm
Feed Speed16 - 24 m/min


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