GS Series CNC Nesting Cell

Meet the Anderson GS Series 510 & 612 CNC Nesting Machines.

Anderson's innovation in nesting technology sets a new standard in speed and efficiency and is available in two working-table sizes - GS 510 (3700 x 1900 mm) and GS 612 (3700 x 1900 mm). The GS Series features state-of-the-art linear motor magnetic drive technology, akin to that used in the world’s fastest MAGLEV trains. This enables rapid, agile movement along both the X and Y axes. While the cutting speed is contingent upon the material and tooling, the GS's remarkable rapid vector speed reaches up to 169 m/min, resulting in considerable time savings.

The GS Series includes an automatic loading system with simultaneous unloading via an outfeed conveyor. It boasts a high-speed boring unit featuring 32 vertical drills in a 15x17 configuration, capable of reaching speeds up to 6,000 RPM. This unit comes equipped with an automatically engaged extraction and dust hood, which operates independently of the drill and spindle.

Additionally, the GS Series incorporates a pack load labelling system, complete with a scissor lift and automatic panel alignment, facilitating the handling of both porous and non-porous materials thicker than 3 mm.


Anderson have revolutionised the nesting process with a new benchmark in speed and efficiency. Featuring the same linear motor magnetic drive technology as used in the world’s fastest MAGLEV trains, both X and & axes offer an agile and powerful movement. While cutting speed is always dictated to by material and tooling, the GS’s rapid vector speed is an astounding 169 m/min. While rapid speeds are important, even more critical is how quickly you can get there. The advanced acceleration ramps between operations on the GS are lightning fast, making significant time savings – especially on drilling operations where a large proportion of the processing time is spent in rapid moves. 


This high-speed boring technology features 32 vertical drills in a 15x17 configuration. Capable of high speeds up to 6,000 RPM, automatically engaged and optimized extraction and dust hood is independent of drill and spindle. 


Automatic loading and simultaneously unloading with outfeed conveyor 


Pack load labelling system with scissor lift and automatic panel alignment. This system allows for handling porous and non-porous materials thicker than 3 mm. 

GS Series 510
GS Series 612
Table Size3700 x 1900 mm
3700 x 1900 mm
Max Speed (X/Y/Z)120/120/30
Spindle15HP (11.2 kW) HSK63 Liquid Cooled

15HP (11.2 kW) HSK63 Liquid Cooled

Rotating Speed1000 - 24000 RPM1000 - 24000 RPM
Automatic Tool Change Positions1010
Vertical Drill Positions15x715x7


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