The NB7PCG-PC Edgebander boasts an array of advanced functionalities, including pre-milling, pre-heating, and both preliminary and accelerated melting stages. It integrates a dynamic 4-tape switching mechanism with dual rail infrastructure for precise end trimming. Pneumatic tool calibration is achieved through dual fine trimming mechanisms, further enhanced by four motor-driven tools dedicated to meticulous corner trimming. This is coupled with an automated pneumatic tool adjustment feature powered by dual radius scrapers, supplementary pneumatic flat scraping, final scraping, and buffing processes. Panel stability is increased through uniform V-belt compression. The expansive pre-melt reservoir ensures ample adhesive supply, facilitating seamless, rapid edge banding. The automated edge tape system swiftly toggles between four distinct tape thicknesses. Additionally, its nesting kit is adeptly configured for pre-drilled components, all orchestrated under the precise oversight of PC-based control. 

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