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NCG2812E CNC Standalone Nesting Machine

The NCG2812E, equipped with a high-speed spindle, caters to tasks such as nesting, shaping, and top-side boring, while precision is ensured by high-grade servo motors. The organized control cabinet, equipped with a Windows-based IPC system, completes the package for seamless operation. The alternative, NCG2812LE, offers automatic loading and unloading.

  • Z-axis precision is guaranteed by a ball screw and high-grade servo motors.

  • Equipped with a pushing device for efficient unloading of workpieces.

  • Maintenance is simplified with a lubrication pump.

  • Features an organized control cabinet with a Windows-based IPC system. 


Table Size2800 x 1230 mm
Max Speed (X/Y/Z)60/60/20 m/min
Main Spindle Power12kW (16.1 HP)  ISO30
Rotating Speed1000 - 24000 RPM
Automatic Tool Change Positions12
Vertical Drill Positions10 vertical drills (rotating speed 6,000 RPM)


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