Feed Speed


 Cutterblock Speed

5, 500 rpm

 Cutterblock Diameter

70 mm

 Max Thicknesser Height

117 mm

 Max Thicknesser Width

410 mm

 Depth of Cut

4 mm

 Depth Indicator

Scale and Digital Readout


Straight Knives cutterhead (3pcs/410x30x3mm)
and 2 Slot Spiral Cutterhead (44pcs/15x15x2.5mm)

 Over Length of Planer Tables

1, 659 mm

 Thickness Table Size

650 × 407mm

 Sturdy central column

For superior stability and easy rise and fall adjustment

 Extractor Port Diameter


 Cutting Motor Output

230V (3kW S6)

 Net/Gross Weight


5 Major Locations

Australian Owned & Operated

Proudly Independent

Local Parts and Service