Unika 5 fab centre is the latest innovation created by Denver that promises a real revolution: 5-axis machining centre for cutting and finishing in a single machine with an automatic and integrated working cycle.

These are the questions we asked ourselves when we started designing the new multifunctional machining centre Unika 5 fab centre.

  1. Do you ever think about how many slabs have got broken or chipped due to being transported from the cutting machine to the finishing machine in the last year alone? Not a pleasant thought, right? You have lost money, you have lost time but above all, you have lost the serenity that you have when you do an excellent job.
  2. Do you ever think about how much productivity and labour is lost with the slabs handling, moving the pieces from the bridge saw to the CNC router/edge polisher? And how much time is lost in setting up individual machines by individual operators?
  3. And above all, isn’t it way too difficult and time-consuming to control and align the production cycle composed of 2 different machines with 2 different operators?



  • From cut to finish with a single program and no need for operator intervention among single tasks.

  • Fully integrated work cell.

  • One single operator.

  • Total uptime thanks to the pendulum working system.

  • The seamless process crosses any manufacturing task with no bottlenecks and reduced maintenance.

  • No need for skilled labour.

  • Constant quality and accuracy regardless of manpower.

    Axes Stroke X/Y/Z3700 x 8200 x 700 mm
    Speed (X/Y/Z)25/25/15
    Disc Motor Power29.3 HP
    Motor Speed10,000 RPM

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