What’s the hype with handle-less cabinets?
Handle-less cabinets are EVERYWHERE. From the latest renovation reality shows to kitchen Instagram profiles and interior design blogs, it seems the recent trend in hardware is no-ware.

Whether it’s a recessed carcass, L-shaped profile or push-to-open cabinet, you have a plethora of options you can offer your clients. But one trend has taken the cabinet design world by storm and that is the inclined bevel finger pull, especially on a 45⁰ angle. This particular profile is in such high demand, edgebanders have even been developed so you can offer this product line to your customers.

So why did we ditch handles? How did we get here and when did less become more?

Enter Minimalism

The minimalism trend or ‘simple living’ has gradually been on the rise for the past 10 years (although the modern movement originated decades ago). Minimalism is a statement and rejection of over-consumption from ‘clean label’ foods to fashion and furniture. It screams style, sophistication, and class, whilst living with less.

Over the years as we have swapped nightclubs for Netflix and seen the rise of the 2016 documentary ‘The Minimalists’ and 2019’s breakout hit, ‘Tidy Up with Marie Kondo’, we have increasingly grown a distaste for hoarding and clutter. (The above documentaries were presumably watched in an empty room, sitting on a small faux-fur rug).

Technology keeps up

Cabinetry manufacturing technology has evolved of the years. Traditionally to offer an inclined edge you would need to profile manually on a panel saw, add edge tape and trim (again manually) with not an edgebander in sight. With an increased demand for these particular profiles, it would not be feasible to continue this process in a manual fashion.

Going ‘no-ware’

With the increased demand for sleeker cabinets and minimal hardware, cabinetmakers around Australia have already started preordering the not-yet-released range of bevel edgebanders from Wood Tech. With the introduction of the NB5X Bevel Edgebander, cabinetmakers can have a dedicated line for edging, taping, gluing and trimming the inclined 45⁰ finger pull profile. For more versatility, the NB7X Combination Edgebander allows both bevel and straight edging. Want the scoop before the official release date in July 2020? Contact your local showroom.
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