All-new Genesis Plus

CNC on the plus side with the all-new Genesis Plus from Anderson. The fifth generation model in the ever-popular Genesis series, this nesting CNC has just arrived with with a sophisticated new design, more power, speed and efficiencies than ever before.

 The Genesis Evolution

The Anderson Genesis Series debuted in 2012 with a steadfast platform for a
variety of CNC applications. In 2014 the third generation Genesis was completely re-engineered for the local Australian market, paving way for the fourthgeneration model in 2017, which has been one of the best-selling CNC machines in Australian history. Enter 2020, the Genesis has been reimagined yet again with more power, speed, production efficiencies and a sophisticated new design. Enter the Genesis Plus era.


Better, Stronger, Faster

The fifth generation Genesis features:

  • 50% more power*
  • 12.5% increase in speed*
  • Larger drill head*
  • Improved auto lubrication*


*Compared to 2019 Anderson Genesis EVO 612.


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