A Sublime Deal: Replacing your Old Equipment with Brand New Ones Using Wood Tech Trade-Up Service

Purchasing turnkey solutions for industrial work is one thing. The added benefit you get via our trade-up service makes Wood Tech different from all other players in the game. Regardless of the industry and the nature of work, the industrial machine is prone to wear and tear with the passage of time. However, what if someone told you that you could trade a worn-out machine for a brand-new one apart from getting maintenance services from the right professionals?

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Trade-up services come along at a later stage in production lines. Devising an efficient plan includes regular DIY maintenance, getting professional help to evaluate the machine in your production line, and then deciding regarding trade-up, given the wear and tear of the machine. Working on similar lines, we will highlight some DIY maintenance techniques, the assistance offered by Wood Tech professionals, and an exchange of old vs. new machines via our trade-up services in this article.

service and maintenance

So let us start with locating and fixing the maintenance issues you can handle yourself. Some of the most commonly found maintenance issues occur in the spindle motor. They can range from drive faults to motor overheating. These come as a symptom with several probable reasons, including an internal short circuit, the temperature sensor going south, something wrong with the vector drive, or an over-aggressive application.

Now that we have the probable causes let us look at the relevant corrective measures that can be taken. For each issue, the appropriate machine component needs to be tested. Another step could be to try the cables and connections, whether the spindle motor, vector drive or overheating sensor. A problem can lead to overheating issues in the spindle or overload.

Vector drive is a part that needs utmost safety precautions while handling. Talking about its voltage indicator, you need to refrain from touching the drive if the voltage indicator is on. Touching it at this point may prove fatal as the control cabinet has a higher voltage.

Cable inspect

Cable inspection is always imperative regardless of the old vs. new machine debate. To inspect the cables, you need to disconnect all cables going to the spindle motor and the electric cabinet. Once disconnected, the meter test follows; readings on the meter tell you how the cable is doing; if it reads O.L, it indicates everything is working fine. However, if it reads a short circuit, the cable needs replacement.

So these were some of the DIY maintenance tips. If you think the machine in your production line needs professional assistance, in this case, Wood Tech has covered you, as our skilled professionals are at your service to perform a thorough service and maintenance check of the machine.

This brings the added benefit of the expert opinion segregating all your machine regarding which part needs regular maintenance, which ones need an even more detailed look, and which parts have completed their life, calling out for trading production machine.

Wood Tech Service and Maintenance

Getting Wood Tech’s maintenance service is quite convenient, as the professionals are just a call away from you. A speedy response saves you the hassle of assessing the production machine and the machine from wearing out to a point where it will need replacement, costing significant bucks.

Talking about replacement, the trade-up service offered by Wood Tech come quite handy. You can get it alongside the professional maintenance service as a final topping on your production line.

Furthermore, when you get a new machine, it comes with a warranty covering customer service and maintenance. This way, Wood Tech ensures that your investment is safeguarded.

Wood Tech Trade-Up

When a team identifies the machine in the production line worn out to the extent that it needs replacement, you can trade it for a brand new one from Wood Tech. Utilising the trade-up service, you get the benefit of getting a brand new machine on the same day traded against the one wearing out in your production line. In addition, the pre-delivery and on-premise simulation is also provided to ensure your satisfaction.

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