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Getting the right turnkey solution per the business case is crucial for any furniture setup. The need for different types of machines and the right combination of CNC routers and Edgebanders is what guarantees speedy outputs and more revenues. Taking the enterprise section into consideration, mass production requires the right solution, including the amalgamation of the CNC machining decentred printers, so optimal results are seen in the finished product.

An enterprise grade furniture setup required the installation of heavy duty CNC machining centres. Each business case involves the amalgamation of different machines, and Wood Tech provides tailored solutions to your needs.

The enterprise owner was looking for a complete high-end system equipped with multiple heavy duty machines to facilitate speedy output. This is where we proposed a solution comprising 4 Anderson CNC machining centres with numerous features to get quick results. To name the first,  the Anderson Spectra E48 CNC machining centre, wielded with steel and a strong and rigid base that enables vibration-free processing, was included, leading to an unharmed finished product.

Anderson Spectra E48 CNC machining centre

Where the direct drive rack supports the X and Y-axis, precision is ensured on the Z-axis by recirculating ball screws possessing maximum precision. Furthermore, including AC servo motors to administer axis movement takes accuracy to an unmatched level. Multiple spindles also assist high speed processing with automatic dust extraction. Adding more to it, the integration capability to work with any CAD/CAM software makes it even more amazing to work with. Automatic unloading also makes it a viable option for mass production.

Similarly, the second machine included was the Anderson Genesis Plus 612, which comes equally equipped as Spectra. A significant reason behind this was the strong base it has. Moreover, the Genesis Plus also automatically loads the finished components and a couple of spindles to choose from. However, the second spindle in this machine comes with 19 vertical positions, enhancing customisation and the material range you can work on. Like the Spectra E48, the CNC control in this machine is also programmable with any CAD software, and the remote handheld device also adds to the operator’s safety.

Another viable addition in this case for enterprises was the Anderson Genesis Plus 49. This CNC machining centre is also designed in the same way. Automatic labelling and unloading and a more incredible processing speed enable swift completion of orders, whereas the direct drive rack and recirculating ball screws ensure precision.

Genesis Plus 49

To achieve a high-end system, the mentioned machines were combined with Anderson Genesis Plus 412, which comes as a similar yet power-packed CNC machining centre. The features on offer are the same as the ones mentioned earlier. The second spindle has 17 vertical positions. Where the integrated dust extraction hood handles dust extraction, the CNC control is programmable with all major CAD software.

Genesis Plus 412

Installed with Anderson Cojet Plus 2513 printer, a high-end system was formed for the enterprise. The printer has a wide range of colours which supports the printing. Apart from that, it includes 6 suction zones vacuum tables and accepts a maximum of 2550 mm material width. Talking about the printing area, it supports a minimum of 2500 mm of width.

Anderson CoJet

Working at a lower speed produces higher quality results. Moreover, the maximum achievable resolution of the print is 720 x 1440 dpi. Considering the enterprise-grade production, the Cojet Plus 2513 is more than equipped to work alongside heavy industrial CNC machinery to achieve fast and top quality results.

When the speedy output was ensured, the inclusion of the Barbaric RTS-02 Return System added further ease for the operator. This return system comes with integrated turning and de-stacking functions. Moreover, its ability to connect with most of the Edgebanders allows it to swiftly collect, traverse, and return all the outgoing pieces to the operator. This inclusion formed the perfect high-end solution ensuring speed and durability.

Barbaric Return System

Taking this towards the conclusion

Wood Tech offers several other distinctive services that make it a reliable option. Apart from the installation of heavy duty machinery, the pre-delivery and live simulation is also handled by Wood Tech so that the maximum level of trust is maintained while boosting your production speed and revenue.

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