A look at the CNC Machine Types: A Thorough Comparative Analysis between Two Potential Options for Wood and Stone Cutting

Apart from the variety of uses of a CNC machine, it is also segregated into a couple of types based on the material you want to carve. While cutting wood comes as a relatively easier to comprehend niche, several CNC routers have also been designed for carving stone. This article will focus on two potential options for wood and stone cutting. We will highlight the significant differences that set both types apart from a walkthrough of both machines.

In our comparative analysis, we will use the example of Anderson Genesis 49 CNC machining centre for wood and Denver Quota 4200 for stone cutting. Both these machines can be differentiated on 3 factors that include:

  • Processing Speed
  • Precision
  • Carving Strength

How does the Processing Speed Differ?

Whether you are running a start-up or an enterprise-grade company, processing speed is vital. This is because a greater processing speed means you can finish the job in less time. As more work can be handled, it positively impacts your revenue. Comparing both machines, the CNC wood machines always have the edge over the stone ones regarding processing speed. Therefore, the Anderson Genesis 49 has a greater processing speed than Denver Quota 4200.

Which Machine has more Precision?

When we talk about carving precision, the CNC router for stone always has a competitive edge over wood machines. The precision to work with is slightly higher in stone machines, especially when it comes to carving. Therefore, if you are looking for engraving tasks, a stone machine is what you should opt for. With the inclusion of 3 interpolated axis, you can work on several materials with Denver Quota 4200 with excellent carving precision.

Why does the Carving Strength Matter?

Carving the strength of the CNC router is imperative when the requirement is not limited to just cutting. When we talk about wood vs. stone machines, the wood machine will always be a step ahead in its carving strength. Apart from being equipped with auto-labelling and dust extraction features, Anderson Genesis 49 gives you more carving strength while cutting wood.

Key Features of Anderson Genesis 49 CNC Machining Centre

Several attractive features offered by the Anderson Genesis 49 make it one of the best-suited options for woodcutting. Let us take a look at some of the prominent ones.

Vibration-Free Processing

The use of industrial-grade steel in the construction of this machine minimises the vibration while it operates. Enhanced stability makes the carving process steadier. This also eliminates the need to anchor the machine to the floor. The X and Y axis of the machine comes equipped with a direct drive rack like NCG2812 CNC, whereas the industrial level recirculating ball screws drive the Z axis. Working together gives a boost to the processing speed.

Operate the Machine while the Label Prints

One of the outstanding features of this machine is its ability to print simultaneously while you are running it. The automatic labelling system produces labels when the panel is on the scissor lift table. This leads to both processes (machine running and label printing) being done simultaneously. As a result, efficiency gets a significant boost while saving precious time.

Convenient Use

The combination of CNC control and the ability to work from a handheld device makes Anderson Genesis 49 quite easy to operate. This CNC machine comes with a SYNTEC controller with a PC, and its drive system is equipped to accept NC code from most CAD or CAM software. Furthermore, this machine can be handled via a handheld device. Together with the tool touch-off system, the chances of operator errors are also reduced to a minimum.

What Makes Denver Quota 4200 an Ideal Purchase?

Like the Anderson Genesis 49, the Denver Quota 4200 also comes as a feature-filled package.


The Denver Quota 4200 working centre comes with 3 digital interpolated axes. In addition, you can also customise it further by optionally adding the fourth one. Where this adds to the carving precision, the S6 air-cooled electrospindle, which adds to the machine's durability, significantly prolongs its lifetime.

Compact Design: A Real Attraction for all Sectors

The Denver Quota 4200 has a compact design and is a significant attraction for startups and established companies. When combined with requiring lesser manpower to operate, this feature seals the deal when you make a purchase. Whether you are considering wood vs. stone machines or not, a compact design is always a preference of the buyer, as acquiring lesser factory space is always a preference.

Multi-Tasking, Reduced Production Time Boosts your Revenue

The carving precision and more incredible work speed significantly reduce the Denver Quota 4200’s production time. Additionally, this machine gets many jobs like artistic works, 3D processing, routing, etc. As a result, you can target several other sectors to serve while quickly getting the job done, increasing your revenue. This CNC machine for stone also has excellent ergonomics, allowing you to fine-tune the material to an mm level.

The Takeaway

Certain factors acquire great importance whenever you make a CNC machine purchase. The final decision solely rests upon the business requirements you have. Each machine comes with its unique features. You must select the one that aligns with your goals to the maximum extent. In this article, we took a detailed walkthrough of potential options from the CNC wood and stone machines. We have also covered you if you are looking for a buyer guide on CNC routers for your startup.

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