The Quest for CNC Machine: A Complete Buyer Guide for Your Startup

The wood cutting industry has undoubtedly been revolutionized by the introduction of CNC machines. Regardless of the size of your setup, CNC machines have made wood cutting significantly convenient for industrial grade and DIY wood products. Talking about the startups in this sector, the NCG2812LR CNC machine is ranked among the best-suited options. What makes this machine unique is the combination of auto loading and labelling abilities. Providing an amalgamation of automation, intelligence, and IT, let us take a walkthrough of how it can boost your startup revenue while minimizing the production time.

What Makes NCG2812LR Ideal for Furniture Startups?

Designed to Enhance Precision and Pace of Production

The NCG2812 machine has been designed in a way to maximize endurance during the process. This comes with the use of CAD products in all structural components. This provides the ability to deal with the distortions from static and dynamic loads. Talking about the base, the use of a single component here and that too of heavy steel maximizes its strength while minimizing the vibration during work. Furthermore, the 3D design also includes of direct drive rack at the X and Y axis and industrial recirculating ball screws on the z-axis. This does not only make the process smooth but also brings down the production time considerably. When you talk about wood cutting for startups, a lesser production time comes as a real competitive advantage.

Digitally Controlled Motorization Enhances Reliability

NCG2812 machine has brushless motors that are controlled by a digital system. It consists of digital axes drives with the inclusion of a digital interface.  These drives work in collaboration with the numeric control on the tool route, leading to an enhanced machine speed. A digital system also paces up the data processing eventually resulting in greater precision. A digital system means reduced wiring that considerably reduces the worries related to maintenance. Furthermore, the inclusion of error diagnostic messages on the control also leads to a significant reduction in machine downtime and errors.

Furniture startups often meet the challenges of lesser space and limited resources. If you are an owner, you would definitely be looking for something that occupies less space and has enhanced production speed. If you add precision and reliability to these factors, what you get is NCG2812, an ideal CNC machine for startups.

Automatic Loading

Automatic loading automates the whole loading and unloading process for CNC machines. Its addition comes as another catchy feature for NCG2812 as all the components of the machine are loaded as well as unloaded automatically. In this machine, this part is facilitated by the hydraulic lift table. A couple of grooves cut down the surface between panel and table while also facilitating the loading of panels. Moreover, there are stops present at proper heights to keep the panel and table at the same level. The level of customization allows you to bring the minimum height to 350mm whereas the stacking height can be brought to a minimum of 600mm without any digging pit.

All these features automate the loading and unloading of CNC machine components. As a result, the machine cycle time is optimized, facilitating your furniture startup a big deal.

Automatic Labelling Cuts down Labor Cost

Automatic labelling is defined as the process where the material is labelled by the machine before processing. This serves to maximize precision while minimizing the labour cost. A deeper look into NCG2812 reveals that it does so by rotatable labelling. Enhanced precision is achieved as the X and Y axis move by rack and pinion. A rotatable sticking device is present that moves along with the label printer to speed up the printing process. In addition, the nesting and printing processes are carried out simultaneously which cuts working time down considerably. Dust removal is handled with the inclusion of an air-blowing device.

A greater pace to work at along with enhanced precision is the perfect amalgamation for your startup and both are possible with the NCG2812.

Lubrication at Programmed Time Intervals

The NCG2812 machine also allows you to program the lubrication process. Once programmed, a number of key components of the machine are lubricated at those time intervals. All three axis (X, Y, and Z) along with the spindle are lubricated automatically at the programmed intervals. This keeps the components running smoothly and as a result, the maintenance of the machine becomes convenient. This also makes NCG2812 a better-suited CNC machine for startups.

Temperature Control

The electric cabinet is equipped with an air conditioner that keeps all the electronic components of the machine perfectly working at temperatures up to 40 degrees. In addition, the elimination of any aeration fans ensures a dust-free environment. This provides protection to all electronic components, adding to the reliability of the machine.

Status Light

Considering the wood cutting for startups, the inclusion of a status light also comes as an attractive feature in NCG2812. This is because a status light present in this machine gives you the status of its working from a fair distance, adding to the convenience.

Wrapping it up

Whether you are working as a startup or looking to design DIY products, CNC machine significantly eases working for you by bringing the production time down and increasing the precision of the finished product. In this article, we took a detailed look into one of the largely used NCG2812 machines and the features that make it an attractive option, especially for startups. Contact us today if you are looking for a complete turnkey solution for your startup.

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