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MICHAEL FRANKOVIC comes as a veteran in the kitchen and joinery industry. Starting at an early of 16 as an apprentice, he gained an extensive 22 year industrial experience. During this time, he worked as a factory manager for one of the largest kitchen manufacturers, overseeing over a hundred factory workers. As he rose the organisational hierarchy, he secured contracts for total house fit outs and detailed joinery. While doing so, he strengthened his contacts with high end designers and architects.

It was in 2021 when Michael made the big decision to take a step further and set up his joinery. As a result, IAM Joinery came into being. Michael had a competitive edge as he came equipped with extensive experience. However, a boom in the local market led to an increased demand requiring faster development cycles. In addition, the joinery industry has a wide range of areas to address, including high-end custom-made private kitchens and complete house fit outs for laundry, pantries, vanities, and outdoor kitchens.

Upon much consideration, Michael realised he needed a single supplier for the complete workshop to set up a turnkey solution. Since his joinery was new, machine training and technical information support were also required. Furthermore, the technical service team's fast backup service and free phone support were also imperative, considering the financial limitations of a start up.

Being relatively new in the market, the focus of IAM joinery was to maximise the quality of delivered products while minimising the cost. This called for a complete workshop turnkey solution that would boost productivity while requiring minimum machine operators and being compact enough to occupy minimal floor space.


As one of the essential requirements was to enhance productivity and efficiency, IAM Joinery needed something heavy duty that could address high production needs while saving maximum factory floor space. This is where we recommended bringing in the NCG2812 Nesting Machine. This is because it is best suited for small factories that need greater production rates. Apart from enhancing the return on investment and value addition, it has automatic labelling functionality. This combined with a pusher for dust collection, made it the ideal fit for top side cutting and grooving needs.


Next up was the service provided to a wide range of sectors. This required a compact, rigid, heavy-duty, and convenient setup. This is where we recommended our NBC332S Edgebanding Machine. Its flexibility to work with various working units and the rigidity to handle heavy duty tasks provided the perfect combination for optimum product delivery to all sectors. Moreover, the hot melt glue system minimises standby time, ensuring utmost precision and faster processing cycles.


Lastly, IAM required something that could curtail the manual effort. This would save the company great costs and bring more precision to work. Here, we recommend MJK1138 3.8m Electronic Panel Saw. It has an automatic screen panel where you just have to input the number to control the rip fence. Furthermore, the precision is maximised by the cross cut fence that moves front to back smoothly. It also comes with added safety as the inclusion of CE compliant saw blade guard makes it more secure.

According to IAM, the prior discussion on the objectives and requirements made it significantly easier for them to make the right choices. Resultantly, a better-suited strategy was crafted to tackle the requirements

Based on the discussion, a mutual agreement was reached for a complete solution that included a Wood Tech Model NCG2812 Nesting machine, a Wood Tech Model NBC332S Edgebanding machine, and a Wood Tech Model MJK1138 3.8m electronic panel saw.

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