Finding the Ideal Edgebanding Machine: A Complete Buyer’s Guide for the Established Companies in Woodcutting Sector

Whenever the furniture industry is considered, the Edgebanding machine's role is imperial, especially for the established sector. This is because where a CNC machine allows you to cut wood at a greater pace with minimal effort, the beautification and finishing part is played by an edgebander. Working on similar lines, this article will act as a buying guide for you, explaining the catchy features of the Wood Tech NBE676 Edgebander and how it facilitates woodcutting for established companies.

Designed to Maximize Durability

The NBE676 edgebander is a heavy duty machine made with thick laser cut steel plates. This combined with the casting parts on the machine enhances the durability manifold. Another critical factor in this regard is the professional assembling of the machine. Professionals of the industry have built it as per the standardisation set for the task. The final product has strict quality control approval, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Additionally, this machine also has an auto-lubrication pump. It makes daily maintenance significantly convenient as you can easily do the linear bearing and the chain greasing. This along with the quick change glue pot maximises the ease in machine care. The glue pot has been designed so that it can be changed swiftly. In addition, Teflon coating considerably eases the cleaning process.

For enterprise grade woodcutting, the NBE676 gives your revenues the boost they need while minimising the maintenance cost due to its greater durability.

Enhanced Convenience

Several features NBE676 edgebander has to offer to maximise convenience for woodcutting.

Adaptive Top Presser

Starting with a convenient to use top presser, you can easily adjust the height of its beam thanks to the inclusion of a handle. It is made even more accessible with the numerical readout that comes along to guide you about the beam height. Furthermore, the NBE676 also facilitates you while dealing with high gloss panel surfaces. The inclusion of smooth rollers is handy in this part of the job.

Electronically Controlled Conveyor

Next up is the conveyor that helps you address the requirements of wide work pieces. The process is kept stabilised throughout with the inclusion of an extendable support roller. You can also control parts spacing with a panel gap indicator lamp. In addition, you also get enhanced precision because the conveyor motor electrically controls the variable speed.

Precise Pre-Milling

Woodcutting stakeholders know that pre-milling is one of the most crucial tasks to get a sublime end product. With NBE676, it is ensured with the inclusion of a couple of diamond cutters having 53 degrees shared angle. This makes pre-milling precise, and the paper finishing is protected from chipping. Moreover, the inclusion of a dust cover enhances the safety of this fantastic edgebander.

Intuitive Operation Interface

Adding to the operator’s convenience, the 10” touch screen of the NBE676 allows you to control each component of the machine from a distance. This also ensures thorough testing of the equipment. When we talk about production, the status of output can also be viewed from a fair distance on this amazing edgebander.

Furthermore, an I/O monitor and alarm ease the troubleshooting part for you. Therefore, this edgebander has you covered on all fronts from the start to the end of the whole process.

Greater Production Speed

The trimming is also made convenient by the NBE676 edgebanding machine. This is because two different motors handle the top and bottom trim, each having 2mm radius cutters with a 0-30 degree inclination. To top it off, the pneumatic tool adjustment also comes in handy as you do not need to open the cabinet door for it; just a tap on the touchscreen gets the job done.

When the convenience is this excellent and the machine's working is automated, you can get the required job done in less time. This provides established companies in the woodcutting industry with the ability to increase production speed, which positively impacts revenues.

Top Quality Finished Product

A better looking end product undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on the buyer. Quality is imperative when you are on the lookout for edgebanding machines for established companies. With NBE676, you get the fantastic feature of flat scraping. This scrapes the glue on the surface which leads to a cleaner result. In addition, including a couple of rollers that come with a digital readout prevents any damage to the parts you are working on.

The package does not end here as the twin mop buffers in the NBE676 edgebander ensure that a cleaner edge is produced.

More Safety for the Operator

Operator safety also holds considerable importance when enterprise grade woodcutting is considered—no need to worry as NBE676 has got you covered on this front. Cover doors on this machine come covered with safety door locks that enhance the operator’s safety. It combined with the emergency shutdown button is also within easy access of the operator. Therefore, any potential situation can be handled in case something goes south.

The Takeaway

Established companies in any sector undoubtedly have a reputation to maintain for their customers. The need for a more incredible production speed along with bringing down the maintenance costs is what the owners are after. Moreover, cutting wood is one thing, but beautifying the end product seals the deal. This is the part where the edgebanding machine comes into play. In this article, we tried to focus on the NBE676 which is a great choice. Outlining its features, we tried highlighting how they facilitate the established companies in this sector. If you want to learn about DIY wood furniture you can build, we also have your back on that front.

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