Making the Right Selection: The Ultimate Buyer Guide for CNC Stone Machine

CNC Stone Machine serves a wide range of industries like wood machines; these machines come into play when the need is to operate on more complex materials like marble and granite. Besides cutting, the carving and engraving tasks also acquire considerable importance, and these are numerically controlled machining centres. From DIY tasks to enterprise-level usage, this article is a buyer guide highlighting several stone machines for you to choose from based on several factors.

Productivity directly Proportional to Profit

Productivity remains imperative regardless of the industry size. While on the lookout for a machining centre to boost productivity, Denver’s Unika 5 Fab Centre comes in as a viable option. In this machine, the intelligent integration between the cutting and finish process prevents any breakage during the transfer of processed material from cutting the phase to finishing, leading to considerable monetary and ing process. This prevents any breakage during the transfer of processed material from the cutting stage to finishing, leading to significant financial and space savings.

Regardless of the stone vs. wood machine debate, enhanced productivity is always a priority. With Unika 5 Fab Centre, you get a single software to manage the complete process workflow. Consequently, it would help if you only had a single operator to handle it, saving you from hiring more skilled labour. Add the ability of a lower machine footprint and slab shifts, minimising the breakages in handling, and you get a perfect package.

Ability to Operate on a Wide Range of Materials

Another catchy feature when it comes to stone machines for carving is the capacity to operate on various materials. This is where Denver’s VisionX single-head automatic polishing machine comes into play. As the name suggests, this machine is used when the task at hand is to beautify the end product. What comes as the most distinctive feature is its ability to handle all surfaces and applications.

Whether a material requires smoothing, texturing or bush hammering, you name it, and VisionX will do it for you. Even more interesting is that it has a single piece of architecture. This eases the installation phase a great deal. Furthermore, it has a spring-loaded head with pressure control and Auto Programming Cycles. These two combine to ensure consistent polishing results.

Automation reduces the need for Skilled Labor.

If the whole process workflow gets automated, it significantly reduces operational costs. As a result, the manual effort and the need for skilled labour also come down. Another option that aids process automation is Denver’s Tecnika Lab Elite 5-axes bridge sawing machine. Including touch, probes facilitate the automatic slab thickness measurement, whereas the blade diameter is also detected automatically.

Apart from that, the main spindle motor has an adjustable speed from 800 to 6000 range. The Easypin insert included in this machine eases the fitting of bit tools while providing internal water lubrication. Laser point facilitates the workpiece dimension and position where the Logitech software handles the fully automated cut cycles.

More Customisation means more Business Opportunities.

Another important feature when it comes to the selection of CNC stone machines is the customisation it allows. Denver’s Formula Lab Universal Cutting Centre is a renowned name in this regard. The spindle motor has an adjustable speed range of 800 to 5000 rpm with a hydraulically driven tilting table. The level of customisation enables you to operate with various audiences, generating more revenue.

What differentiates it from the other machines is the inclusion of an automated vacuum system with 2 independent cups. This way, the automatic placement of the pieces is made possible, taking automation a step further.

Enhanced Ease of Use with an Intuitive Interface

Screen navigation is also an imperative factor in choosing the best-suited machining centre. Denver’s Aqua 3-5 axes Water-jet CNC Cutting Centre is an unmatchable name on this front. It comes with a design that ensures better access to the work table. Naming the most prominent feature, the colour touchscreen present on the pump provides convenient screen navigation and monitoring of the whole process. Digging deeper, a high-pressure water pump keeps the maintenance time to a minimum.  

The anti-kickback system protects the end product from scratches that might hamper the outlook. Where the 3-axis cutting head provides superior cutting quality, the 5-axis piercing cutting head facilitates tilted and undercuts. All this is topped up by the DDX-powered CAD/CAM software with extensive integration capability.

Advanced Profiling leads to better Finishing.

Advanced profiling of statues and columns leads to a better end product. This holds significant importance for the buyer as it leaves a lasting impression. A machine that ensures you get this advantage is Denver’s Unika 5 Series. Among all the stone machines for carving, the Unika 5series is what provides an amalgamation of cutting, polishing, and shaping.

Moreover, it has an automatic tool changer for discs and tools. This power-packed machine allows you to perform cuts tilted up to a 90 degrees angle. Where you can perform complex cuts, it also facilitates the combined processing of discs and mills. Efficiency is enhanced by a 21” touchscreen and an ergonomic keyboard, whereas the automatic profiling is facilitated by Logitouch software with DXF portability. Touch probes maximise automation, and you can also perform 3D shaping by using this all-in-one machine.

Compact Design saves Great Factory Space.

In the famous stone vs. wood machine debate, the quest for finding something that occupies lesser factory space always remains constant. Whether we are talking about a startup or an established company, business owners always look for a compact option. This is where Denver Quota Stone 3350 4200 is a winner. Apart from its compactness, it has a self-adjusting table with a solid surface for freely positioning the suction cups.

In addition, the Denver Quota is fully equipped to perform various tasks, including shaping, texturing, embossed writing, tapering, side engraving, and much more. You can operate at cutting angles of 45 as well as 90 degrees with the inclusion of the C-axis. Piece origin detection and template scanning are facilitated by the 2D optical sensor, whereas the touch probes enhance the automation of the whole process.

That’s a Wrap

Regardless of the material you are working on, selecting the suitable CNC stone machine largely depends on the requirements of the task at hand. For every organisation, the decision is dependent upon several factors. Where the startup sector is surrounded by the challenge of lesser fiscal space, taking productivity to its peak is always what established business owners are looking for. In this article, we enlisted several stone machines based on the factors they are best suited for. Combining these factors, you can make a better decision while purchasing one. Wood Tech has your back if you want a detailed comparative analysis highlighting the differences between CNC wood and stone machines.

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